Technology Director
Heather Burns
Phone: 860-923-9581 ext. 512

Data Manager
Dannette Seney
Phone: 860-923-9581 ext. 513

Network Technician
Tracy Bachand
Phone: 860-923-9581 ext. 511


Technology is an important tool for young, modern learners. As computer technology becomes available in nearly all spheres of a person’s life an understanding of how that technology works, and how it impacts learning is crucial.

Children in preschool today begin their formal education never knowing a time when powerful technology never so much as an arm’s length away. It is important to guide a student’s relationship with technology in much the same way we teach children to respect and understand all the powerful agents in one’s life.

The students of today relate to their world differently than previous generations and think in ways fundamentally different than previous generations. Our goal is to teach students how to use technology, but also how to apply critical thinking skills to evaluate how these technologies will impact their lives.

FERPA and Virtual Learning During COVID-19 ( , identifying requirements and best practices for 10 common scenarios under FERPA;

Thompson Public Schools Technology Department uses SchoolDude to keep  track of computer/technology problems.