Summer Music Camp at Tourtellotte Memorial High School

Thompson, CT – Tourtellotte Memorial High School hosted a three day, tuition-free music camp for all TMHS students in grades 9-12 who wanted to learn and experience music. Led by TMHS music director Kate Anderson, this music camp was held from August 22 to August 24 in the school’s music room.  

At camp, students focused on creating, performing, and engaging in various musical activities to prepare them for the upcoming school year. The classes provided an opportunity to improve musical skills for both instrumentalists and vocalists, learn a new instrument, work on Connecticut Music Educator Assocation (CMEA) audition pieces, and to get a jump on their talents for a new production planned for November.

“It’s really just a way for students, both incoming freshmen and alumni, to come together to share  the musical experience we have to offer,” said Mrs. Anderson. “It helps them to encompass music and apply the learned skills to all facets of their lives.”

Senior Tyler Lacasse, when asked about the benefits of attending this year’s camp, responded by saying, “Summer Music Camp is a way to get an early start and bond with your musical peers. We’re all here to make music and become a family. It really helps to to get a jump-start in terms of preparing for the Eastern Regional Music Competitions held during the school year.”